Welcome to miAngle. Now that I lost the 38% of people who never even read past the first sentence, I can get onto more important matters. I don’t claim to know everything and really I don’t think I would want to even if I could. How boring would life be if I knew everything? So, what you are going to get here is my Angle on life. You don’t have to agree with me, in fact its more interesting for me if you don’t. I am willing to spend time in discussion over anything that I post. Comments will be strictly managed because there are alot of people out there either trolling or posting hateful comments. Sadly, many people seem to believe that “I’m right and your stupid” comments are a legitimate part of debate. If all you can spout is hate your comments will be short lived and this includes comments to other users. In order to comment or discuss you will need to register. If you wish to discuss something with me directly you can contact me. I hope to have plenty of long and beneficial debates with you.