I am a Christian and I love everyone. . .WHAT?!?!?

            I was reading an article online today with the title, “An Open Letter to the Church: Homosexuality Isn’t a Sin, but Homophobia Is.” Their main point was “To call homosexuality a sin is to call into question one’s entire being. It’s saying that there is something inherently evil about LGBTQ people that separate them from God. But there is nothing wrong with LGBTQ people. What’s wrong is homophobia.” This was sadly co-written by a minister, one who has obviously thrown out huge chunks of the Bible particularly Romans. I am sick and tired of being lumped in with these types of people; I wish that they would stop calling themselves “Christian”.

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Preacher and Pastor – Is there a difference?

I was thinking of writing something on this topic, but came across this post and felt it said what needed to be said. So here is John Baker’s post:

“Satan and his cohorts in this world have greatly confused people concerning many Biblical terms. One such example concerns the Biblical distinction between preachers and pastors. This confusion is somewhat understandable because so many denominational preachers refer to themselves as “pastors.”

Let it be known to one and all, once and for all: A Preacher is, Biblically speaking, different than a Pastor.

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Belief vs “Belief”

“Lips and tongues lie. But actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart (Sherrilyn Kenyon, “Born of Fury).” That quote comes from a work of fiction but it cuts to the core of this issue. We as humans believe many different things, but the question sometimes is do we believe or do we just understand the facts. Someone might believe that Vitamin C will help with your cold and so they take Vitamin C supplements at the first sign of trouble. Another person says that they believe the Atkins diet is the best diet for losing weight, but when asked how long they have been on the Atkins diet they say, “oh I have never done it, I used Weight Watchers”. If I say I believe something but act as if I don’t, do I really believe it?

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